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Burcot Woodturners meetingMeetings

Burcot Woodturners meet at Burcot Village Hall (B60 1BH) on the first Thursday of each month at 7.15pm. Visitors are very welcome. Please contact us to let us know you are coming.



4th January



1st February


Hands on /Clinic/Demo

1st March


Cancelled due to severe weather

5th April


Demonstration by Paul Bellamy (Mid Staffs Woodturning Association)

3rd May


Les Thorne Demo. www.noturningback.co.uk

7th June


Hands on/Clinic/Demo

5th July


Mark Hancock Demo www.markhancock.co.uk

2nd August


Hands on / Clinic / Demo

6th September


Demonstration by Trevor Cocks (Turning Fruit)

4th October


Hands on / Clinic / Demo

1st November


Demonstration by Keith Fenton http://www.aroundwood.co.uk
Colouring and Texturing

6th December


Members Social Evening Christmas Raffle.and a major display of members' work = everyone to try to bring a piece of their work (old or new). Members may also bring friends or family along.

Note: Programme subject to change


2018 External Events

13th January


Axminster Nuneaton Phil Irons Sharpening (free entry)

10th March


Axminster Nuneaton Joey Richardson Woodturning Demo (free entry)

23rd & 24th March


Midlands Woodworking Show Newark

13th & 14th April


Yandles Spring Show

21st April


Stourbridge Scouts Fun Day Mary Stephens Park Stourbridge
4 Lathes Required Marquee Supplied by Scouts
Event 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Some prepared wood to be supplied for turning.


11th & 12th May


Woodworks Daventry

7th & 8th September


Yandles Autumn Show

15th September


Stoubridge Scouts District Camp - Blackwell Court

29th September


Walsall district Scouts camp Blackwell

20th & 21st October


Stourbridge Bonded Warehouse Open Day Event

16th 17th & 18th November


Harrogate Woodworking Show


2019 Meetings (Provisional)

3rd January



7th February


Richard Findley https://turnersworkshop.co.uk/about.html

7th March


Hands-on / clinic / demo

4th April


Emma Cook (The Tiny Turner) https://www.thetinyturner.co.uk/

2nd May


Hands-on / clinic / demo

6th June


Tony Jones (club member)

4th July


Hands-on / clinic / demo

1st August


John Aitken (The Bowler Hatted Turner) http://www.thebowlerhattedturner.co.uk/

5th September


Hands-on / clinic / demo

3rd October


Les Thorne http://www.noturningback.co.uk/

7th November


Hands-on / clinic / demo

5th December


Christmas raffle etc.


For details of other external events in which you may be interested please refer to our links page.

any of our meetings are practical, problem solving sessions. Members and visitors are encouraged to bring along their own work and tools to pass on tips to and learn from others.

If you would like any further information about the club or it's meetings please contact us.

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